Based in Ft. Lauderdale, the BENIK Kart Racing Team offers a full trackside support program to help customers achieve success. Looking to keep the team small, the goal of BENIK is to focus more on customer support and service while competing in high profile events across the United States and Canada.


BENIK Kart will offer arrive and drive packages for customers looking to compete in these events. With full chassis and engine support, BENIK Kart is quickly becoming the premiere choice in the Sportsman chassis design.


BENIK Kart will continue to offer elite arrive and drive programs for interested drivers. Able to customize a tailored program to fit an individuals needs, BENIK Kart will work with their drivers to make sure they are at the front of the field. With a big focus on data analysis and driver coaching, BENIK Kart also offers hospitality for team members and partners, full range of spares and equipment, multiple engine programs to suit any series and class as well as transport and storage of equipment.


BENIK Kart racing team will compete in events across North America. From premiere racing series such as the Florida Winter Tour and SKUSA Pro Tour to regional programs such as the US Pro Kart Series and the Eastern Canadian Karting Championships. BENIK Kart will also compete at the USA, Italian and Canadian National Championships among other one-off and single events. Needless to say, BENIK Kart will be at the forefront of all major karting events in North America & Italy.


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