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Karting is the ultimate training ground to begin drivers on their path to becoming professional drivers. The driving style, technique and many mental aspects of karting and car racing are very different. Karting is by far the most effective tool to develop race craft, however the technique to drive a kart and car differ substantially. While in the past, top kart racing hopefuls would stay in karting on average to the ages of 16 to 18, the new era is upon us with drivers winning races and points in Formula 1 at these extremely young ages. We can now see a more advanced, more competitive racing scene with the latest advancements in technology, training methods and Jr Driver Programs.

The time has come to approach driver development in a completely new way focusing on skills development at a very young age, education of race car and vehicle dynamics and taking advantage of the new hi-tech era of simulators and new cutting edge ways to develop drivers on a more Olympic Level, focusing on mental, physiological and technical development strategies.

If the goal is to race cars, then from as early an age possible the discipline of “driving” cars must be adopted and developed. From ages 12 to 14 an immediate introduction to cars, driving techniques, mental training and understanding of driving science is essential to ensure the driver is “prepared” to enter the world of cars when they are ready. Arriving on the car racing scene as a “complete stand out” attracting the attention of professional race teams and Jr Driver Programs.

In the modern age of driver development, we at Benik utilize a team of professional driving coaches, simulators, gokarts, specialized track cars, and F2000 cars to hone a drivers skill and knowledge.