Go Kart TWENTY-1 Standard “Blue Edition” AF Radiator.

Twenty-1 Standard model is recommended in medium seasons when temperatures have a large range but not high.

The volume is calculated to obtain maximum performance in all climatic conditions.
The technology of the Twenty-1 line, thanks to its internal structure, retains water for longer.
This significantly improves performance by lowering the coolant outlet temperature by 2 ° C more than traditional radiators.

The quality of the aluminum used in the realization of the AF go kart Twenty-1 Standard radiator mass has been carefully chosen to improve the resistance of the slats to impacts and increase their longevity.

The anchors for the supports are printed together with the radiator structure.
TIG weldings are further expedients for greater stability and resistance to stress.
Like all the radiators in this line, the AF go kart Twenty-1 Standard radiator supports belong to the racing Blue Edition range, whose architecture has been finely studied over the years and are equipped with silent blocks, and in this version they are blue.

All these features allow this model to be a point of reference for all categories, both single gear and not.

MASS MEASURES: 380x240x40 mm
WEIGHT: 2.9 kg

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 5 in