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Based in Ft. Lauderdale, the BENIK Kart Racing Team offers a full trackside support program to help customers achieve success.
Looking to keep the team small, the goal of BENIK is to focus more on customer support and service while competing in high profile events across the United States and Canada.

BENIK Kart will offer arrive and drive packages for customers looking to compete in these events. With full chassis and engine support, BENIK Kart is quickly becoming the premiere choice in the Sportsman chassis design.

Joining Team BENIK Kart or just driving one of the most promising up and coming brands in the United States is easy. With a full shop and race team located in South Florida, the heart of the karting market, the possibilities are endless.

With high quality series and tracks located in the Sunshine State, some of North America’s toughest competition is at the fingertips of Team BENIK Kart drivers. Whether you want to be part of the national program or just compete on the regional or club level, BENIK Kart has a program to fit your needs.

Our Drivers

  • Mini-Rok

    Georgia, USA

    Tyler Maxson
  • Mini-Max/TaG Cadet

    Miramar, Florida, USA

    Derek Carmenate
  • Micro-Max/Mini-Rok

    Florida, USA

    Reece Gold

  • Mini-Rok/Micro-Max

    Florida, USA

    James Egozi
  • Tag Junior / Rotax Junior

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

    Lachlan Defrancesco
  • Mini-Max/TaG Cadet

    Cumbria, UK

    Johnny Edgar

  • Mini-Max/TaG Cadet

    North Carolina, USA

    Devin Gomez
  • Micro-Max/Mini-Rok

    London, UK

    Wesley Mason
  • Mini Rok/Iame swiftMicro-Max/Mini-Rok

    Phoenix, USA

    Anthony Willis

  • Micro Rok/ Micro swift

    London, UK

    Fred Slater
  • Micro Rok/ Micro swift

    London, UK

    Oliver Denny
  • Micro Rok/ Micro swift

    Delrey Beach, FL

    Jordan Menge

Past Drivers & Notable Champions

  • Mini-Max/TaG Cadet

    Mooresville, NC, USA

    Lance Fenderson

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